What beliefs are you choosing?


A thought for your week: What do you choose to believe?

We take our beliefs as truths, when in fact they can be anything but truth. We buy into them, hold on to them, defend them and are defined by them. We let them rule our lives, our choices, our careers and our relationships. And yes, we even go to war over them (literally and figuratively).

But when was the last time you actually looked at what your beliefs are? When did you last question where they came from, and if they have merit or a place in your life?

What about these?

Work is hard.

Life is tough.

I have to follow the rules.

The client is always right.

If I work hard someone will notice me.

It’s hard to lose weight.

I don’t have enough time.

All the good men are taken (or gay. women too).

I have to be liked to be successful.

Growing old means getting sick and frail.

To be creative means I’ll be a starving artist.

I have to wait to be picked.

Insert your belief here ____________________.

How about believing this instead:

Your beliefs are true only if you make them so.

You can choose something different for yourself.

You can, in fact, choose.

A belief that is a truth for you. A belief that works, that empowers you, that enables you to move forward and make positive choices. That doesn’t keep you trapped behind a veil of fear. Or indifference. Or apathy.

So this week, and each and every day of your one and precious life, make a choice. Choose what you believe. And choose very carefully.