3 essential oils to keep you sane at work


Our world today barely resembles our ancestral environment of hunting and gathering for survival. However, our biology hasn’t changed much. We're still wired to crave the outdoors and nature. So, spending 7+ hours a day, 5 days a week, glued to computers, alongside rows and rows of colleagues and filing cabinets, is not normal behaviour for human beings!  

It’s no wonder stress, procrastination and seasonal colds are all too common in the corporate workforce.

As an introvert, I also find spending copious amounts of time amongst chatty colleagues a drain on my energy and wellbeing. So, at my last corporate gig, I used these 3 essential oils to keep me sane....


Not only does this oil boost our immune system to fight against seasonal colds, it can also protect us from the negative energy of others. There’s always one person in the office having a bad day, but that doesn’t mean they need to affect our day too!

HOW TO APPLY: Add a couple of drops of OnGuard blend to the heart and solar plexus areas, as well as rub one drop to the soles of the feet.  If you feel cold symptoms developing, rub a drop on your temples, throat and back of neck. 


I don’t know about you, but spending too much time on a laptop can leave me feeling ‘heady’ - like a spacey feeling from too much tech time.  With constant wifi and tens of other computers surrounding me in an open plan office, that feeling only intensifies!  

The Balance blend has an earthy, woody aroma and is perfect for bringing us back down to earth and feeling centred.

HOW TO APPLY: In the morning and after lunch time, rub a drop on your heart and temples. Also, rub a couple of drops in your palms, cup your hands over your face and inhale deeply 3 times.


This oil is an after-work delight, with a blissful blend of relaxing oils such as lavender, cedarwood and ylang ylang.

HOW TO APPLY: After the long commute back home from the office, jump into a warm shower and set the intention to 'wash the day away'.  After the shower, rub a few drops of Lavender Peace into your palms and run your hands over and above your body. Start from the top of your head, over your face, neck, chest, stomach, all the way down to your feet and back up again (essentially, cleansing your energy field with the essential oil aroma). Then, cupping your hands over your face, breath in deeply 3 times. 

This practice is heavenly and has always left me feeling peaceful and able to wind down easily for the rest of the evening.

The therapeutic healing properties of these essential oils help me to navigate a busy working day. Ensure you combine an essential oil practice with healthy lifestyle choices, such as eating healthy foods, exercising regularly and spending time in nature.