5 essential oils for manifestation & abundance


By Justine Peacock

In my work as a body-mind psychotherapist and an intuitive and vibrational healer, I work with the body-mind connection, the energy field and the chakras. I also work with limiting beliefs - conscious and unconscious - because what we think about we attract into our lives and become. For me, essential oils are an invaluable tool to support my clients in their personal growth journeys, with their spiritual and life challenges and in their spiritual practice.

Essential oils are an incredible gift from Mother Earth. Pure and powerful, every oil has a plethora of unique properties and therefore uses and applications. The pure, high vibration of each individual essential oil works specifically to support and affect you on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels.

I want to introduce you to the potent and powerful essential oils you can pop into your tool kit to super charge your manifesting capabilities and help you create the life you want. These oils will support you in your manifesting and in co-creating with the Universe.

(If you want to understand co-creating and manifestation on a deeper level, please see the work of Abraham Hicks or check out my Guide to Manifesting Miracles article on my website).

Here are my top 5 essential oils can help you align and clear blocks and support you to manifest your goals.

Litsea – The Oil of Manifesting

Litsea has a gorgeous, uplifting citrus scent. Its vibrational gift is that it supports you to take your ideas and dreams and to ground them and bring them into reality.  As many people are very open in their higher chakras we often receive way more ideas and inspiration than we can ever ground and bring into the physical realm - “make manifest” or manifest into our life.

Working with Litsea supports you by helping you to trust your gut about which ideas you want to follow through on and which you can let go of and then to connect with your confidence. It works beyond the logic of the mind and surrenders to the higher intent and it releases any fear or doubt. This oil aligns you with your purpose, your knowing and with mobilizing your energy to move forward.

Use With

Lemon (for focus).

Lime (for enthusiasm and momentum).

Roman Chamomile (to infuse a sense of purpose).

Or pair with a grounding oil to really anchor focusing your intention once you are clear on it – try Vetiver for its grounding properties, Intune blend.


·      I am open to infinite possibilities.

·      I allow myself to take inspired action and be guided.

·      I surrender my intention to the Universe and allow myself to be divinely guided

·      I am willing to receive all that I desire in my life now.


Roman Chamomile – The Oil of Spiritual Purpose

Roman Chamomile supports you to step out of rigid thinking and releases the grip of ego-based thinking enabling you to flow with life more easily. Once this happens you are able to more readily identify your spiritual purpose and align with it. Use this oil to remind you to follow your heart and that the true path to success is by doing the things that light you up.

When you are manifesting for something in your life, use this oil to assist you to connect deeply with the vibration of what you are seeking. Allow its high vibration to help you step out of the over thinking and the ‘how’ it will happen and to deeply connect with the feeling state of how you want to feel one you have created what you want.

Use with

Pair this oil with the high vibration oils - Frankincense, Sandalwood, Blue Tansy and Salubelle Beauty blend.


·      I connect with my highest purpose

·      I am clear and aligned with my highest purpose

·      I allow myself to align with my highest purpose

·      I align with my purpose and


Wild Orange – The Oil of Abundance

This gorgeous oil is the oil of abundance. Its fresh sweet citrus scent is a hit with almost everyone and offers an instant pick-me-up and directly connects you with feelings of joy and confidence. There are so many wonderful uses for this oil. For manifesting, allow its fresh scent to uplift you and open you to new ideas and possibilities.

When you are working to clear old patterns or thoughts of doubt, wild orange can align you with a fresh perspective and assist you to break through to new levels of consciousness.

Use with


Ylang Ylang




·      I am abundant

·      There is always more than enough

·      Life always works out for me


Spikenard – The Oil of Gratitude and Acceptance

Spikenard helps us release feelings of blame and anger and align with appreciation. It supports the release of resentment or feeling that life didn’t (or doesn’t) work out for us. Instead, it supports us to align with acceptance and gratitude for our present circumstances and all that we are blessed to have in our lives. In this way, Spikenard also connects us with the deeper meaning of our life. It aligns us with contentment, surrender and acceptance.

Use with


Wild Orange



Siberian Fir


·      I am willing to see this situation differently

·      I am grateful for the sacred gift of life

·      I accept what I cannot change with humility and I am grateful for the blessings in my life.


Geranium – The oil of Balance, Restoration & Transformation

Geranium oil is a beautiful oil for the restoration of balance, for healing and personal transformation. Use this oil to carry you over the threshold and into the possibility of all that is waiting for you. It will calm you, clear negative energy and align you with nurturing, balanced and calm emotions.

Use with


Siberian Fit


Tangerine / Wild Orange


·      I align with the cycles of life and allow myself to be carried with grace and ease.

·      I release all negative energies and attachments and restore balance on all levels in my life.

·      I request the presence of Grace in my life and surrender to its healing power and gentle transformation.


Working with these oils to support your manifesting and intention setting is so powerful. Allow these oils to partner with you and work almost invisibly to align you with your highest desires.  Start experimenting today and enjoy the creative flow and process of bringing these into your life. May all your dreams and more come true in the most magical way. May your essential oils journey be a beautiful and empowering one.


Justine Peacock is passionate about wellness and the art of thriving on all levels – mentally, emotionally, materially, physically and spiritually. A qualified psychotherapist, life and career coach and intuitive energy worker, Justine supports people to find clarity, meaning, purpose and freedom. 

Committed to lifelong learning, Justine holds certifications in various healing and counselling modalities, Bachelor degrees in Law and Commerce and a Masters in Law. For more information on essential oils and your personal development journey, please visit www.justinepeacock.com.au