Redefining and reclaiming womanhood


What does it mean to be a woman today? It’s an interesting question. We have been through so many stages in the last few decades, from liberation through to empowerment. In most parts of the Western world and many other parts, women now have both of these things. We can vote, control our careers and our finances, have reproductive rights over our own bodies, can work, stay at home, raise kids by ourselves, even run for (and win) the highest office in the land. 

We are liberated. We are supposedly empowered. And yet.

Being a woman in a still patriarchal society often means we can be seen as second class citizens. That our voices, opinions, perspectives are less valued than the man standing next to us. That we still receive less pay for equal work, have to work twice as hard to get and keep our jobs, do the double shift at work and at home, do much more than our equal share of domestic work, and essentially feel like we have to fight to get, and keep, what we should have earned by now. It’s even worse for indigenous women and women of colour, than it is for white women.

And then there’s the fact that being a woman still means being put into certain categories. Attractive and desirable, meant for anything from teenage girls to women up to about 35 if you’re lucky. And then other - largely women over fifty - who are deemed to be less desirable, who have lost their value in a society that bases a woman’s value on her looks and attractiveness to men. 

Even women doing serious work in the world, like running for President or being at the helm of multibillion dollar companies, often have the sole attention placed on their looks - how they do their hair, what they wear, the tone of their voice - and where they sit on the feminine likability scale, rather than their ability to actually do their job. 

Seriously. Yes we are still here. 

It’s time that we as women redefine modern womanhood for ourselves. That we reclaim what is truly ours to claim. Our liberation and our empowerment. Our worth and our sovereignty. Our abilities and our successes. Our sensual nature and our power. Our softness and our fierceness. Our mothering and our Warrior Goddess.