Well hello there fellow traveller. We are so pleased that you have found us.

If you are tired of the hustle, the busyness and the daily grind, and would love to step into a more simple, soulful and sacred way of living, then you are in the right place.

We invite you to take a moment right now. Just one. Pause. Breathe deeply into your belly. Feel the release through a slow, long exhale. Come into your body. Simply be here now. 

Ah, now you have arrived. Welcome. 

Moments are everything. And so are simple soulful strategies that can help us get to living a more sacred life. 

What do we mean when we say sacred living? It’s a great question. We don’t want to over complicate the answer. It’s about focusing on what is truly important to us, and letting the rest of it go.

It’s about simplifying our lives so they are less cluttered, more joyful, and filled with more meaning.

It’s about less hustle, more flow. Less stuff, more space. Less have to, more happy to.

And much more time for things that we deem to be sacred: relationships, family, purposeful work, spirituality, wellbeing, nourishment, creativity, connection, love. 

Here in our online home, sacredliving.co, we aim to create a space that will nourish and nurture you, help you to get clear on what’s truly important for you, simplify your life, enhance your wellbeing, and understand what’s sacred to you so you can live your life with more comfort, ease and joy. 

Stay a while. Read our beautiful content that we hope may inspire you, nurture you and fill you up. Download our ebook Get Sacred for an inspiring and practical guide to bring more sacred practices into your life. And step into an essential oil lifestyle with sacred essentials, and find ways to enhance your wellbeing, your emotional states and get to non-tox living.

We hope this will be your new home, your sacred space, that you can visit when the world gets too busy, too hectic or just too much, and you need some respite, restoration, relaxation.

May this be your space to breathe. To just be. To come home. 

We are so delighted you are here. 


One of our greatest passions is helping women create wellbeing, an abundant and empowered mindset and live a purposeful life they truly love.


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A Message From Our Founder

Welcome. I'm Megan Dalla-Camina. I'm so happy you’ve found us. In this beautiful online home I hope you find sources of inspiration that will help you with simple, soulful and sacred living. It’s time to slow down, hustle less and bring more of what you really love into your life. You will also discover what it means to live an essential oil lifestyle, with doTERRA essential oils. They add so much joy and support to our wellbeing, emotions and low tox living. We look forward to sharing that love with you too. So take a look around & and come back often for more inspiration on how to live sacred.

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about Megan

This beautiful site has been lovingly created by Megan Dalla-Camina.

Megan is a global thought leader in women’s leadership, wellbeing and empowerment. She is the best selling author of two books, Getting Real About Having It All and Lead Like A Woman, with her third, Simple Soulful Sacred to be published in 2019.  

As an entrepreneur, speaker and strategist dedicated to helping women rise, Megan supports women to step into their power, create what they truly want and make magic in the world.

As the Founder and Creator of Sacred Living, her intention is to create a lifestyle platform for women who are longing to find more simplicity and sacredness in their lives.

Megan had a long executive career, largely in global tech companies, heading up strategy, gender diversity, leadership, and as an award winning marketing director. She fuelled her love of learning by completing two Masters degrees (one in business + one in wellness) and doing half of her PhD in feminine power before realising that it wasn’t contributing to the simple soulful life she was longing to live, and gave it up to focus on her book writing and work. 

Like many women, Megan struggled for a large part of her career with balance, stress, overwork and the juggle of being a single mother and having a successful career. Some days she just barely kept it all together. After more than a decade of pushing herself to the limit and far too many 16 hour days, in her mid 30’s she had a complete burn out. She had to stop, reassess, and literally change every aspect of her life. Over the next few years, whilst still working, studying and raising her young son, she learnt that there was a better way to be in the world. A softer, more easeful way. And it would become the essence of the work she does to this day, helping women step into their feminine power, on their own terms, and live life their own way.

A dedicated yogi, Megan is a trained yoga teacher and incorporates yogic practices into her life, and those of her clients, on and off the mat. She is particularly passionate about yoga practice as a pathway to help women slow down, tune in, and find their way back home to themselves.

Megan lives in Sydney with her 17 year old son, who helps her keep it real and sacred on a daily basis. She spends months every year writing in her second home, Byron Bay, where she enjoys simple pleasures like taking the sunrise walk to the lighthouse and watching the surfers run for the waves. She feeds her passion for aromatherapy, creating financial abundance for women and all things wellbeing through her doTERRA essential oils business Sacred Essentials.


You can learn more about Sacred Essentials, starting your oily journey and building your own path to financial freedom in the essentials oil section of this website.



Our intention

here at Sacred Living, we aim to bring you thoughtful content that will provide comfort, encouragement, inspiration & tools, to support you living the life you long for.

We want to keep it simple, not over complicate it.

We aim to add value, not clutter up the inter webs with more noise.

We intend to cover topics and ideas in fresh ways, combining ancient wisdom with modern thinking to bring a soulful depth to the way we live.

And most of all, we want everything we do and create to contribute to sacred living. Thanks for joining us. We hope you love being here.